Callboyjobs. Online invites you to become an active participant in our free Playboy service. Our service is accessible throughout India with greater than 18-20 cities. It is among the leading Playboy service providers in India. We are offering our service for free in 18-20 cities in India. If you’re interested, then this is the perfect place to start. You can avail of the possibility to receive a gigolo Playboy for free registration in the cities you live in.

The process to become a Playboy in India

Offline Participate:

  • Contact our customer service and talk to a local representative of your city.
  • Please send us your contact details (like name, email, phone number, height, weight, etc.) via text message or WhatsApp.
  • Once you have been accepted for membership, you must present the ID document (adhar voter id, voter id card for passports) to verify your identity.
  • After verification of your profile, you must make payment for registration fees. (i.e. 2500 rupees for silver and Rs 45000 for gold. The diamond fee is Rs8000)
  • After successful registration, we will send you a membership card and membership number.
  • Our agents will arrange meetings for you, and you must attend the meetings.

Online Participate:

  • Click the Join Now button to join as a call-boy in India.
  • Complete all of your information on the registration form.
  • Verify your profile using your email verification link. Email confirmation link.
  • Upload at least 5-6 images on your profile.
  • Contact our representative and give us the ID document (aadhar or voter ID passport, DL) to verify your identity.
  • Pay the cost of registration. (i.e. the fee is Rs.2500 for sterling or Rs 4500 for gold. Rs 8,000 for diamonds)
  • After we have activated your profile, users will be able to view your profile and contact information and reach out to you directly.
  • You can also reach our agents to get any assistance.

Playboy Job In Delhi

To become a playboy in Delhi, you must fill out the registration form for free. Then, after verification mail is sent to you, you must confirm that when the website requests you to upload your image, only your account will be established.

Playboys Job In Mumbai

It’s relatively easy to become a popular playboy. We also provide our services in Mumbai. The procedure is simple once you’ve completed a few steps, you will be eligible to sign up for Playboy’s free service.

Call Boy Service Chennai

Our service is accessible in all cities listed above. If you’d like to join us, complete the form below, and you can easily join our playboys by registering for free.

Play Boy Service India

Apply for Playboy job in India Hyderabad Pune Surat

We are among the most renowned and oldest Playboy websites. If you’re interested to become a playboy, our website has a chance to invite you. It is completely cost-free, however you must create an account on our website. All you need to do is go through the complete details about the playboy job.

Membership eligibility and the requirements for joining Callboyjobs

mandatory requirements:

  • The age should be 18 to 45 years.
  • The height should be 5'5'. to 6'2'' feet.
  • The weight should be in the range of 60 to 95 kilograms.
  • The candidate must be groomed and in good shape.
  • The applicant must be clean and free of any infectious diseases.

Optional requirement:

  • The candidate must be able to speak HINDI or English Language.
  • The person who is applying for the position must be good-mannered.
  • The candidate must wear formal attire for certain occasions.
  • The candidate should be clean and tidy.
  • The candidate should not be dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Meet Playboys in Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore

Playboys, also known as male prostitute services, are readily available worldwide. In every country, sexually unhappy women seek active and spirited males who will satisfy their sexual desires and provide them with a pleasant sexual experience. Therefore, the demand for gigolo work is growing every day across the globe.

Playboy job openings in India

The website was designed to bridge gaps between females seeking male escorts and those looking to give their time. The Directory of male escorts is the most popular site in the business and continues to grow daily.

Apply for a Playboy job in India.

Our Gigolos are selected with care. We ensure that they are in line with your expectations. A Callboy on our site gives you the elegant and genuine friendship you desire. You’ll feel at ease with them very quickly.

Playboy Recruitments India

In many countries, we provide more gigolos than our website lists. Furthermore, the majority of our guides can travel. If you’d like to have a gigolo from New Delhi, Bangalore, or Chennai, We can help you organize it.


Callboyjobs.Online Gigolo service aims to ensure its services are effective swift, quick, and secure. Our goal is to provide the most effective platform. We suggest you schedule contact with our customer support staff by filling in your registration request. We also offer strippers, masseurs, travel companions, and part-time partners to meet your sexual and emotional desires. If you have any queries, call the gigolo directly, or you can directly contact our agents to arrange an appointment with a gigolo.

How can you turn into a Playboy/Gigolo?

  • Click the Register button to sign up as Gigolo.
  • Please fill in all your details on the registration form.
  • Verify your Email ID (Check your Email for verification link).
  • Review your user profile (write our website's name on a piece of paper and then snap a photo holding the form and put it on the website).
  • After payment is completed, Enter the reference number of your payment.
  • Your profile will be activated when we receive your payment.

What is the best way to find a Gigolo/playboy to hire?

  • Click on the Members Register link and fill in the form to register.
  • Send the email to verify and pay the amount to enable the account.
  • Please browse our site and search for Gigolos.
  • Make sure to check their profile's status before reaching out to any gigolo.
  • At least 3-4 gigolos to shortlist, then call them and ask for their availability.
  • Set an appointment and provide them with your address.
  • Find them at the location you prefer.
  • To receive better Service and Support, contact our team.

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